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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dumb Thing To Do

Well dummy me, laid here trying to get to sleep at a halfway decent hour last night. Surfing  channels after the football game was over. Tired of listeing to the same old programs all the time and ready to watch something different if FootBall isn't on....For some reason I stopped on that channel where THE HAUNTED was on. Never watched it b/f so I lay here on the couch watching it. Supposed to be true story accounts of haunted houses and the encounters people have had in them with the paranormal. In every episode the people had pets and the pets (usually always dogs) discerned and reacted to the paranormal activity right away.I know they say it is true that animals can discern that stuff easily. Anyways, I watched several episodes and needless to say my eyes are wide open the later it got, couldn't sleep. Laid here under a blanket on the couch with the dogs and cat piled on top of me, scared to death. Then of course I hear every little noise and sound that was made and I am sure some noises  that were not real..LOL. I was too scared to get up and see what they were.  Soooo, another sleepless night cause I did something really dumb! That sort of stuff has always scared me and I never go to see those scary movies, especially if they are supposed to be based on a true story cause I don't want to know! Thankfully tonight, tomorrow night and Monday night is all about FootBall! WootWoot!!!!!


  1. oh my Carmen, maybe you shouldn't watch those kind of shows! I can understand your imagination running away with you. I love ghost stories even though I don't believe in ghosts. I hope you get some sleep tonight.


  2. Carmen, I have watched that on occasion and you are right it is scary:O I am one who can;t watch any Halloween movies either, I'm just too big of a sissy, "It's the great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" is more my speed, LOL!!!