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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday.. weather....Crafts..and Miley

These are "Pin Keep Make Do's". Looking for quick easy items to make for the show.
And of course Miley..another exciting day around the house for the poor kitty. Guess this game is called"Everyone has to step over me or walk around me" or "Gee you look better upside down"..LOL.. We are having severe weather again so I am house bound. Was supposed to go pick up Kelly and the kids this morning but I am afraid to drive in this weather so I didn't chance the drive, an hour away and there are tornado warnings and flood warnings all around so I feel better not to chance it. All this mess is supposed to push on out by wee hours of morning so I will be glad for it to go. Hope everyone stays safe!


  1. Love your pinkeeps! And Miley is adorable too! PETS :-)

  2. the pinkeeps are awsome! looks like Miley is having a great inside kinda of day too lol!