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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Calico Saturday

Me and Mr. Pat Emmanuel. He has the booth next to me. Was so glad to see him back this spring! And hey what in the world is going on with my hand in this pic?? It looks totally deformed or distorted! LOL!!!

Had more dolls today, worked on some last night after setting up. Black dolls, mammy's and mammy feedsacks all sold excellent. Also Raggedy Ann's sold. Only one left. The crowd seemed to be back and people were buying so I was very happy to see that! Last year the show was really off, no crowd, sales were terrible but over all this year the show seemed to be in much better shape.

More booth.

Yes, it has an E-Trade app! ....Rebecca is so adorable, reminded me of the E-trade baby on TV, she was enjoying playing with that phone! Her mother, April, has been a good customer and a friend for quite a while. Couldn't resist taking the pic... with her mommy's permission of course!


  1. I hope my sales are good at the show in Sept ..up North. Keeping fingers crossed and praying that we can save up enough to make the last move (hopefully). Will be nice to be in a better area where I can sell some of the tons of stuff. Do you take CC and if so is it real expensive?
    Your booths and all your goodies look so nice..I can see why you sold so much

  2. Your creations are wonderful.The baby jusy pure adorableness.Glad sales picked up this year for you.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. glad you had a great show, everything looks fantastic!sometimes I don't amke many or any sales but it's never a bad show for the fellowship around me is worth every min. of it