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Monday, March 19, 2012


Not been a good day in some ways but at least Celena was here with me so that made it much better. She took me to Valdosta to my Dr. appt early this morning to the rhuematologist... not good news at all. I am a bundle of nerves. BUT, afterwards Celena took me to Hobby Lobby, we enjoyed that, she even picked up a few nice items for me that she knew I would like. Then she took me to Cracker Barrel for lunch, was soooo delicious. Of the few times I have ever eaten there I was never too impressed but I must say today our food was exceptional!! Very good. Then we headed to Goodwill. We both found some wonderful things there. But I have to say I am soo proud of this quilt I found. First of all it was in the pkg, brand new, was a very nice expensive name brand & had two beautiful matching pillow shams included. The batting in the quilt must be the softest most cuddly stuff on earth cause it feel soo incredibly soft you could just curl up and fall asleep with no trouble.THE QUILT IS REVERSABLE TOO!! It is beautiful, brightens up my bedroom so much and I was ready for that, needed a spring touch in there. I absolutely love it and you will not believe how little I paid for it... Only $11.00 at GoodWill!!!!!!!!! Talk about doing the happy dance! So after all my company has left today I couldn't wait to get it out of the pkg and sure enough as I had hoped, it was in mint perfect condition, never been opened or used and I LOVE IT! So I had to take a pic to share with you. The other side of it is like a hompesun looking blue gingham. Just gorgeous! The picture does it absolutely no justice at all. You can't even see the little detail designs.


  1. What a wonderful find, beautiful quilt.
    I hope things start looking better for you, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Beautiful Quilt great find! Im sorry you had a not so good start to your day ! Im a new follower came here via the Moonlit Stitch...look forward to reading up on your posts and getting to know you ! Have a great week ! hugs lil raggedy angie