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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Rehearsal dinner and the Wedding

The Maid of Honor, My daughter Celena Jem Garcia.

The Rehearsal Dinner.. Bride, Bride's maids, and little Caleb.

A happy Bride.

The Bride and Groom.

This is Christina, she is sooo sweet, she was one of the Bride's Maids, her adorable little son Caleb was the ring bearer and did a wonderful job. He is smart and handsome, I had a wonderful time chatting with him during the reception

Ready for the Rehearsal and dinner....This is my daughter, Celena in flowered dress, she was the Maid of Honor and that is the beautiful little Flower Girl standing there, Breilee. The young lady with the blonde hair was also one of the Bride's Maids.

The Bride, Samantha, on the Big Day.

Mother of the Bride.... Sandy and Samantha b/f the ceremony.

Sandy and me, waiting for the big moment.

Sandy and me with our daughters.

Still in the dressing room, Samantha, Celena and two of the Bride's maids

Sandy having a wardrobe malfunction..LOL.. actually she was just trying to get her corsage on.

My child, Celena, The Maid of Honor.

Still b/f the ceremony....Sweet little Caleb and a nervous Father of the Bride!

Finally, here we are, the ceremony! Celena and the Flower girl, Bride and Groom, Best man and the ring bearer Caleb.

Oooops, a duplicate.. LOL...

Have just been pronounced Man and Wife.. you know I had to take lots of pics of my child too.....

Celena and David, the best man, ready to walk down the isle as the ceremony ends

The entire Wedding Party.

Finally, the reception. I sat with the happy and relieved Mother and Father of the Bride! Sandy and Todd. Everything was beautiful, Todd looked so handsome in his Tux, Sandy looked beautiful all dressed up. Everything went great and the reception was a big hit, we had a wonderful time.


  1. Thanks for coming and sharing it with us and for all the great pics. You are the best friend, and I treasure whenever we can get together.

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of the big day! You all look so beautiful and I love seeing how wonderful Sandy looks after all she's been through! Looks healthy, happy and proud!
    Beautiful wedding party pic but my fav is of you two moms with your beautiful daughters. Congrats to all!
    Blessings and warm hugz,

  3. you all looked beautiful Carmen! Wonderful pic of you, Sandy and the girls!!