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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Early October Snow!!

Isn't this snow beautiful??!!! The only thing I can find wrong with this picture is....that unfortunately it isn't at my house..BooHoo! This is a gorgeous snowfall from Baltimore, Maryland yesterday (Saturday Oct 29, 2011) from where my dear friend Delores lives. She was kind enough to send this pic to me cause she knows how much I love snow!! This was actually taken at her daughter's home about an hour from Delores. Just wanted to share with you, it got me motivated and more in the mood to sew Christmas items. Thanks sooooo much Delores!!! You are a sweetie! I love your snow pic! Looking forward to getting more from you this winter..LOL!

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  1. I am not real crazy about snow and cold but know it will be here soon. It makes my fibro kick in and makes it hard for me to function. That is a nice picture...snow does look pretty and I am sure we will have some soon and then I will be sewing a lot more...just going out when I have to shop :)
    Nancy insidenanashead