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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OH No Lysha!! No you didn't!!! Toooo Funny!

Ok, do you remember Lysha?? the abused Husky that Celena and I rescued??... Well...I just HAVE to write about this, I am still laughing so hard. Celena, my daughter called me this morning from California and as we are talking she tells me about their friend who also lives with them and is in the service with Celena's hubby, anyway the young man who I won't say his name, will call him John Doe, so John Doe is going to be leaving the country for about a week, he is on leave for about 8 days and is going to be visiting in another country during that time.
Sooo, John Doe occasionally likes to party when he is on leave. So this girl he is sort of seeing had bought some pot, paid about $40.00 for it, supposed to be good stuff. Anyway she brings it over and gives it to John Doe to keep until tomorrow when he and his girl friend and a few other of his friends were going to get together and party b/f John Doe leaves for his trip abroad. So John Doe has the pot in the house. So, while Celena and Michael and John Doe were all sleeping last night, Lysha sniffs out the pot, EATS every bit of it and leaves the chewed up baggy in the living room floor!! OMG, I am still laughing soo hard, I thought it was hillarious!! Of course we all know now that Lysha would make a great drug sniffing police dog! But they would have to retrieve it from her b/f she eats it! But Lysha is fine today,I am sure she was feeling no pain for hours last night though!! Probably explains why she ate all the dog food in the dish during the night too....had the munchies after eating that dope! Now I don't smoke pot and don't agree with it but I think it is the less of the evils of drugs and I do think it is probably less harmless than some one getting filthy drunk all the time, but no I don't believe it is right. But I just had to laugh soo hard at Lysha and this little incident. I guess John Doe knows not to bring drugs into their house again! We don't want Lysha in Doggy rehab or hitting the streets looking for a dealer!HEE!!


  1. OMG TOO funny!!! I bet he slept good!!! Read my blog and you'll see my true crime stories, healthcare, gay marriage and some humor hope you are doing well, I will be waiting to hear from you soon! Miss you xox

  2. LOL, too funny, I bet he slept good!!! read my blogs on true crime, gay marriage, healthcare, and just humurous things, and the recipes I post hope to hear from you soon, miss you! xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh Carmen! That is so funny!! How are you feeling these days?


  4. OH NO! What a stinker she is!!! Glad it didn't make her sick. How are you and Celena doing? Is she moved back close to you yet?