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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FINALLY! Curly sheared properly..LOL!

Mr. Eddie came out today and sheared Curly. He has sheared him for a number of years now and he knows how to do it and what he is doing so I was so glad it finally got done. Curly's hair was felted and matted and with this heat I know the poor fellow was so miserable! He feels sooo much better now, and so do I!! Curly still gave Eddie a difficult time, he doesn't like being sheared at all, but I had given Curly a peanut butter and valium sandwich about 45 minutes b/f Eddie got here so he seemed to think it made a differnce and so do I. It is so hard to watch though b/c Curly gets soo upset, I worry due to his age especially and add the heat to it, well I stood inside and prayed the whole time of the shearing that Curly would be okay. I have had Curly about 13 years. But, the job is done now and Curly has all that heavy thick matted hair off him and he seems to feel much better, thank God once again he made it through the shearing!


  1. Curly looks SOoooo handsome! Peanut butter & valium, lol, sometimes I think I could use a sandwich like that myself:D

  2. Hi Carmen...Curly looks so grand...I know he feels better. We had our long haired cat groomed this year and she acts like she feels so much better. one thing is that she is not swallowing so much fur during the grooming process.
    I am so excited....I found fabric at the old WalMart in Albany this past weekend...but the best news is that my WalMart in Tifton will be getting their fabric department back in July. It pays to keep sending those emails and calling the 800 number.
    Have a great day.
    Oh, by the way, I would like one of those sandwiches sometimes too