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Monday, June 13, 2011

My news

My son in law (pictured above, Michael Garcia) will be shipping out again for deployment to Africa the end of next month, please keep all our troops in your prayers. My daughter Celena will be coming back to this area when he leaves next month and thank God he will be out of the Navy when he returns and they won't be going back to California where he is stationed. Nothing against Calif.. it is just sooo far away from where I am!! Celena will be staying in Albany about 40 minutes from me, she has a job promised to her over there plus her best friend she grew up with lives there, we went to church over there all the time she was growing up so a lot of her friends are there plus Michael's family, she spent a lot of time in Albany so it is very familiar territory to her. Anyway, she will be close by so I am happy! My second news.. knew it would happen. Some one copied my witch pattern exactly and stuck a frickin frog with it and put it on Pattern Cupboard as their own design with the New Fall Patterns. They shrunk it down and painted the eyes on differently than what I did with them, but yup, my pattern copied exactly. Grrrrrrrrrrr! Well, got things to do and places to go so hope you have a safe and Blessed week!


  1. Carmen, I'm so glad to hear this will be Michael's last deployment! He's always in my prayers as well as you & Celena, have they found out anything from the testing?? It will be so wonderful for you to have her close again! My son is in HI for 3 yrs. and of course we are in PA...SO FAR!!!! That's just terrible that someone stole your pattern, what is wrong with folks these days, no morals what-so-ever! Hope you are doing well and all healed, think of you often ((HUGS))

  2. Good news your daughter is coming home.Will keep SIL in my prayers for a safe return.Sad when people have to copy to try to profit off others.I had it happen to me recently.I don't do patterns but had someone copy my original idea to sell.If it's not copyrighted I guess it's free for all.Sad.Hope you have a great week!~Amy

  3. Good news Carmen that your daughter is going to be close to you! And prayers to your son-in-law!! So sorry that someone copied your witch pattern. I can't believe that some people will actually do that....they have a lot of nerve. I was looking through ebay the other night and found someone selling copies of e-patterns!! I contacted the designer and let her know. She wasn't too happy about it and contacted the seller. Takes alot of guts! Hope you are having a good week besides the copying part of it.


  4. AGAIN, hun? Is Celena going to stay with you? I will add Michael to my prayer list & pass it on to my prayer worriers! LOVE YA!! XOXO