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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday news and My Container Garden....

Hope everyone had a SAFE Memorial Day. My conatiner garden (pic above) is doing quite well, better than I expected! I have gotten squash, green peppers and cherry tomatoes off of it so far, actually those are the only 3 things I have growing so I would say it is a sucess! The bell peppers I ate for the first time from it last night and oh what a difference from the ones you get at the store, soo sweet and delicious! (AND FREE!!) We had an awesome church service Sunday morn and evening, I am feeling much better and have actually been able to start sewing again! Still hard to find motivation some times with the heat so bad, but at least so much of the other stuff I was feeling and suffering with has been lifted! Thank God! Sandy got a great report from her doc about her pet scan this morning so Praise the Lord for that!!! Please continue to pray for my Celena, she had to go to hospital this morn for test and has to go back this afternoon for more, has to go again tomorrow morn for another test and should find out some results Friday. All prayers appreciated! Thank You so much! Enjoy your week everyone, be safe and take care!
Blessings to all.


  1. Hi Carmen!
    I have been wondering about you and how you were doing. Sounds like things are getting better, and I will continue to keep Selena in my prayers. Just to young to have such health issues. Glad to hear Sandy got good news from her tests.
    Your container garden is looking great. We are having such a late start here in Idaho-sun finally arrived today! Woohoo! We are having flooding though and that is causing issues for many folks.
    Take care and good to know you are doing well.

  2. Such good news to read Carmen....I can tell in your post that you are feeling better!! And awesome news on Sandy. My prayers and thoughts continue for Celena.