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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eating Humble Pie

Part of front yard

My Container garden, seems to be doing okay.

Front of house, front porch

Side of house and part of barn

Side of house, part of back yard shows. I really didn't get any pics of back yard

but they did a beautiful job on it ALL! Just wish it would stay this way! LOL!

My wonderful Pastor Ricky (dark blue shirt) and the three wonderful youth from church who came out and worked so hard yesterday on my terribly overgrown yard. Blake, Taylor and also another young man named Blake They did such an awesome job and oh how much I appreciate their terrifically hard work and how beautiful it all looks now! Thank you so much guys! Your all just great!

Some of the cards and a couple dolls I received while in the hospital this time. I set them up in

my living room after I got home. Each and every one is so special and one person sent me

some candy... yup, I ate it all, was delicious!! Thanks so much to each and every single one, you

all have put a smile on my face and a happy beat in my heart! I just love the dolls, cards,

candy, kind facebook and blog comments, just absolutely EVERYTHING! I truly mean it. I

can't believe it when I look at all of them! God Bless and Thank You!!

****Well I had reached rock bottom spiritually and emotionally as I got sicker here recently b/f I was admitted to hospital and had the surgeries. So many things happened and I was feeling as though I had no one in the world or in my church but in that late deepest darkest hour, God's Light suddenly Beamed in all it's brightness. I must say I feel so humbled and overwhelmed with joy in what God can do in the blink what seems like a dark hopeless situation. My dear pastor , his wife, and several ladies from the church stopped in to see me while I was in the hospital, also my nieghbor Roger and his daughter Amanda came by to me see me several times. I received so many cards, a couple handmade dolls and a few care pkgs while in there and it made me feel so good and special, what a blesssing every bit of it from the phone calls, cards to visitors, just everything and the church sent me a beautiful potted plant. I came home late this past Thursday afternoon I believe it was and Saturday morn I was awoken to the sound of mowers, etc, I looked out the window and there was my pastor and 3 of the youth from the church mowing my yard, they worked hard for at least a couple hours or more it was such an overgrown mess and I have a very large yard. I couldn't believe it, what a wonderful blessing for them to be doing. I had to get a group pic of them after they were done I was so touched. Then the day b/f a lady I didn't even know dropped off a few bags of groceries to me, stuff I could make for myself like lunch meat sandwich and cereal. Last night my neighbor cooked a wonderful dinner and sent some over to me. I must say I have been very humbled by it all and so ashamed of how I had felt like I was such a nobody to the church and that even God didn't care about me anymore. I felt so ugly about myself and the way I was thinking and feeling and my ill feelings toward God and the church even. I was just down so low. I confessed it all to my dear pastor who is always so kind and understanding. . God has truly blessed and taken care and watched over me even as I am so very undeserving. I posted pics above of how nice my yard looks now and a pic of the gracious kind fellows who spent their Saturday morning out here working so hard in my yard just because I couldn't do it and they wanted to do it. God Bless all of you, and Have a Happy Mother's day to all you Mom's out there! God Bless All of you!!!! And thanks so much dear God for your wonderful mercy and forgiveness.


  1. GOD is good!! How nice of all those people doing those things for you!! Bless you girl and get better with rest!!

  2. ((HUGS)) I'm so glad to hear you are being taken care of Carmen, I know you've been down for awhile and I'm glad you are seeing now that folks really DO care sweetie, I'm sending off a care pkg. tomorrow for you so watch for it in a few days:D Continue to rest and take it easy and let all those wonderful friends and neighbors help you out;)

  3. You are blessed Carmen! How wonderful it is that you had so many people caring and helping you. I hope you continue to heal physically and spritually. Keep your chin up!

  4. Glad you are home & feeling better! It is human to go through these dark valleys - we have to be broken to be made whole! God Bless You! ~*~Lisa

  5. God is always good..So glad the church stepped up for you through this.So many people showing you they care about you.Get plenty of rest and accept the help graciously so you recover.Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.~Amy

  6. I am so glad that people are helping you out..I really thought about you a lot...I was almost ready to jump in my car and go help you. Roger sounds like the perfect neighbor. Enjoy your family and let them wait on you. I hope you continue to improve and feel stronger every day.