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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finished my Bedroom, Whew! Finally!

Celena and Michael took out the big Queen size bed I have had for years, put it in my Garage the day they left , my brother is supposed to come get it soon. I replaced it with this old antique double size bed frame that came from My dear Dad that he had saved in his garage for me. I want to leave it just like he had it, no re-painting or re-finishing it. I had a nice comfy box springs and mattress set here that fit it. Changed my bedroom all around and am pleased with it for now. I put a Christmas Quilt on it that my Aunt Niva in Missouri made and gave to me years ago. Don't have pillow cases to match it so I used some old ones I had. Miley of course has to curl up for a nap as soon as I made the bed. The one door goes into the master bathroom.