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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Working! I can't believe it!

Ohhh I have been so tired and so lazy for SOOOOO Long! These allergies I guess from all this weather and pollen perhaps, don't know, but I have been so tired, pressure in my sinuses, and just dragging for weeks now, don't feel like myself. Today I actually felt a bit better and have been sewing this evening. I am working on wholesale orders for Sandy Patton and also for my old friend, Sandy Schmidt... doing a little sewing for her. Celena and I have gotten into bad habits of sleeping in late anymore so we are trying to get ourselves out of bed earlier and get busy...which ever one of us gets up first tries to go get the other one up.... oh gee is it hard! I have those wonderful fleece sheets on my bed and oh my stars, it is soo hard to get out of those, they are soo warm and cozy, there is nothing else like them! Makes me want to just stay in bed and sleep and sleep. I had bought the egg carton padding and all for that bed Celena is sleeping in so she is too comfy to want to get up early too. We are just lazy anymore I guess!! Better get my self up from this computer and back over to the chair next to me at the sewing machine! Have an order I need to finish up on and mail off tomorrow. Celena just took all our doggies out to do their business, including Lysha......feels like a dog pound around here anymore! Have a Blessed evening everyone!


  1. Hey,
    what do mean OLD, I am not that old. I am working also,2 new patterns almost done.I want to see your new stuff. If you come back next week, I want to see one new pattern from you.
    take care and talk to ya soon.

  2. Morning Carmen,

    I have gotten lazy here too. I use to be up by 4:30 every morning and was able to get so much accomplished but lately I have been sleeping in till almost 6 am. I hope you have a great weekend!


  3. Oh my goodness...I was reading Lysha's story and have tears streaming down my face. Why do people do such terrible things? Thank God for you! You are her angel. My hope is that in time those horrible times with that abuser will be forgotten and replaced with all the love and kindness you've shown her. We have two animal abusers here in my neighborhood and I've called all the "authorities" I know to call, sent flyers around to all my neighbors, and recruited others to decend upon these people (with mail, not violence) and I think they have stopped doing what they were doing. I pray they have. We're watching them. I don't understand why more people don't get involved when they know or suspect abuse is going on. I am passionate about animals and their welfare. Thank you for making Lysha's life happy again. God bless you.