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Friday, April 16, 2010

Michael and Celena

My baby girl Celena misses Michael so much (and so do I), he will be gone for at least 8-10 months this time and just left a couple weeks ago for Afghanistan, US Navy, ground forces. Here is a pic of the two of them when they were about 15 years old and also a pic of them at their wedding when they were almost 21. Oh My Stars, where does the time go! My poor babies are all grown up!!! That picture was actually taken at Sandy's house one day when Celena, Michael and I all went to visit ... I remember so well the day it was taken, seems like yesterday! Matter of fact, that Love seat they are sitting on is now in MY HOUSE!! LOL!! CRAZY!!!! Michael had just enlisted in the Navy, completed Boot Camp and another training class when He and Celena married so he had to have the old buzz hair cut, I personally love his hair longer and shaggy like it always was when he was a kid growing up. He had the most gorgeous beautiful head of hair thick dark wavy hair. But I am sure it will all grow back when he gets out of the Navy..heee.. They don't have any children yet, I think they are trying to decide if they are up to that challenge and also want to wait until he is out of the Navy b/f they think about having a family of their own. Celena is certainly in NO hurry what so ever to have children! LOL! We Love You Michael!!!