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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Date Night..Ha Ha

Well it is about time, but guess who has a date this weekend in Bradenton, Florida??? MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been a long time since I went out but gurl have I learned the VERY hard way it DOES PAY to be  EXTREMELY choosey and take your time. Much rather be alone rest of my life than with what I have been through in the past.I know a LOT of you can relate.  I will be visiting my sister and also getting to go out with my old flame from over 30 years ago!! Feel like we should be on TV or something.. "Guy and Girl  old flames meet up after 34 years of having not seen each other!"  LOL!  We have chatted on phone a few times and write each other every day several times a day on FB. He is looking forward to meeting up also, got a date planned. Sandy and Todd will be coming here Thursday to get me and I will be visiting my BFF for a day and a half, then my brother Jimmy (my only bro!) will pick me up from her house Friday evening  and take me on to Bradenton. So I am going to get a fun packed trip getting to see everyone I love and also go on a date with  some one that I know is not a nightmare from hell(sorry about the language)! Woot Woot!! BUT, the great thing is that Gary, my son in law's (Michael) Navy buddy, (pictured above, Michael in back and Gary toward front in Afghanistan)  will be house sitting for me. Check out the weapon lying next to him in top pick to left... hand on it and ready to go..LOL.. you never take your hand off your  weapon with the choppers /BlackHawks coming in.... or hardly any other time over there! Gary and Michael were in the Navy (ground forces)  together and  did their tours of duty in Afghanistan twice  and Africa together and  he is also living with Celena and Michael.. Gary (and Michael) are trained  in hand to hand combat and to kill with his bare hands as most military are especially when they are being deployed to hostile lands as they were ..., he will take good care of my animals and stay here so I don't have to worry. I have known Gary for a while, he is like family and always invited  here for major holiday get togethers too. And the best thing, he owns a very ... let's say.. "Get the job done with ONE shot" weapon and will have it  HERE with him! And he will not hesitate to use it  if needed so I don't have to worry about my home being invaded while I am gone!!! One thing you don't do is mess with a young military dude with a super duty weapon that has served two tours in Afghanistan and trained to survive it! LOL! So I don't even feel sorry for anyone if they even think about trying to mess around here while I am gone! Not trying to sound cruel but just feels good to have the house protected by the U.S.  Navy!! LOL!!! Not needing to worry about things while I am gone, gives me great peace of mind. Hope everyone has a very blessed week.. almost hump day then weekend!  Got laundry and packing to do...Blessings to all.


  1. YIPEE YAHOO!!!!!! Way to go Carmen, so happy for you......being with loved ones and a date to boot...Booya!!!!! ....and yes, must feel good to know your cozy farmhouse and animals will be safe, so you can have a really wonderful time, you deserve it....Hugs Francine.

  2. Sounds like fun Carmen, happy for you and enjoy the date;) My son is getting ready to head to Afghanistan, UGH, this mama is not liking it one bit and he'll be there for 9 long months:( Little Tyler and DIL will be here with us though so that will help. Have a fun and safe trip!