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Monday, August 27, 2012

My other niece, Nesy and her little son Gabriel walking on the beautiful beach today in Bradenton, Florida.. my home town. Gee I miss home a lot lately! My sister (who also still lives in Bradenton..Nessy's mom) said the winds were kicking...
a little but not to bad there today. I am so ready to move away from Georgia some days, missing home more and more...but one little problem.. $$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Georgia has it beautiful points too. And I do really like where I live. I just get lonesome these days for what little family I have .. my sister Teresa & her hubby, my Niece, my only brother Jimmy and his wife..they all still live in Bradenton. My daughters are both here in Georgia but they are married and have their own lives and don't know that they will stay around this area especially Celena and Michael once he finishes college since being out of the Navy. But I am glad they are close by for now, about 40 minutes each direction..LOL..

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