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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Pitiful Garden of Hope!

Well here is the fruit of my labor so far.. not looking so great, huh??! Hopefully that will change. I planted this stuff last week. Not sure if it is going to go anywhere. I had pampered the plants , being so careful for days until I was able to plant them in containers and when I had them all out there ready to plant, Lysha grabbed up the box of plants and started chewing away on a number of them! Nipped the tops right off the Squash and Bell peppers. Guess I can go back to the feed store for more, they were only 40 and 50 cents each. I have them inside my fenced area since last year I had them in my front yard and seems every time I left to go some where, when I got home what ever was about ready to pick was gone..yup, I have neighbors. But honestly isn't it so pathetic to come over and steal a fricking tomato and a pepper from some ones plants?? C'mon man! So this time I have it in a fenced private area w/ locked gate. Anyway, my doc appt in Valdosta never seems to be good news anymore. I couldn't tolerate the meds they had me on so now they say I am out of options and will have to go for two hour IV treatment sessions every other month for the rest of my life. Not looking forward to it. Seems Sandy and I have always joked about copying each other... Now she goes for her chemo and maintenance treatmenmts and now I am copying her with having to go for treatments too. Oh gee, getting older is not pretty at all! But good news is I have continued to lose weight. Have lost 13 lbs just this past month. Partly from the meds I was on I believe, made me sick to my stomach a lot but the other meds they tried have had bad results requiring hospital and surgery so I am down to the IV treatments as a last option, otheriwse I am in for trouble so please say a prayer for me those of you who will. Thanks so much everyone, God Bless and have A wonderful week!

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  1. You're in my thoughts & prayers. Hope this makes you feel better.