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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Thank God for Tim Tebow! Not for his athletic abilities, but for not being afraid to stand up and stand out for OUR God!! Regardless of what anyone says or thinks. You go Tebow! I am very proud of you! If he had a flippin' turban on his head and put his face to the ground they probably wouldn't say anything about it!


  1. I totally agree with you Carmen!!


  2. I'm staying away from the Tebow media simply because it's being overdone, but I agree with you 100% Carmen. I work at a church and the Supreme Court just ruled that church employees can't sue for discrimation as they want to stay out of religious affairs. Really? Well then how come they have ruled we can't pray in school or post the 10 commandments? A group in our small town is attacking our huge nativity display saying it isn't fair. Guess long as we display a reindeer next to it they can't touch it. Christians have a right to fight for their freedom just like anyone else and this country was founded by Christians. If someone doesn't like Tebow praying then they can move to China, Iran or Russia and then tell me how do they like + now? ~*~Lisa