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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Awesome Mail Day!! Hoot Hoot!

OMG! I LOVE these purses!!! A new friend I have met through FB, Tina, makes these beautiful purses and ladies let me tell you her work is perfection and her designs are all sooo original one of a kind, just top notch so if you love purses you need to look her up on FB.. Tina Burdette and also as "Hansley Girl" (2 different FB pages) ...and see her work. She also does original jewelry. I really wish she would open an Etsy store cause she could definietly make some $$. She does lots of things, not just purses, very talented woman. I had seen her purse with the owl and wanted it for Celena's b-day, Celena likes owl things and she LOVES large handbags soo she is going to absolutely love this purse! And Tina also sent me the beautiful green purse with the cool parrot button on it, I had commented to her how I thought it was so adorable and she sent it to me along with Celena's b-day gift. I just love them, Celena may not get that purse after all for her b-day(LOL), no just kidding, she will LOVE it but I was so impressed at the workmanship and quality of both purses. Celena doesn't have a computer for now and she never looks at my blog anyway so she will still be surprised when she gets the b-day purse Jan 16th..heee! And now for the funny part. I ordered a Hip Hop beginner workout DVD from Amazon for about $7.00 and it finally came, I watched it and I am happy with it., easy steps, good explanations and demos of how and what you are doing so I think I can handle this. Some moves I just can't do cause of my RA but otherwise I think it is something I can definitely work with. Been searching for something on a very beginner level for a while and this is exactly what I have been looking for. Well, better go, have church 2nite at this new church I have been attending and also have work I need to be doing so Blessings to all, have a great rest of the week and don't forget to look up Hansleygirl on FB and take a peek at her wares! I think she has her purses on her Tina Burdette FB page, send her a friend request and check them out! They are great!

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  1. Very nice purses and it is nice when you know someone like something and then you can buy her a gift you know she will Love. I don't like guessing and then waste my money that someone won't use. I just sold a small Raggy quilt with owls print. They say Owls bring good luck..maybe I should have kept it (smile)