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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Fire Tonight??

Trying to turn my unmotivated "Ho Hum" mood into some "Ho Ho Ho, MERRY CHRISTMAS!" mood.. going to turn on the electric fire place tonight (w/o the heat), put in my favorite Christmas Movie, a wonderful smelling gingerbread cinnamon tart, and FORCE myself to stitch and stuff some Christmas dolls tonight. Have a new pattern in the works also, plus I have dolls to make for my friend Sandy Patton that I am WAY behind on! Sooo Hopefully tonight the little workshop will be all a buzz here finally! heee!! !

Ok, how unmotivated and bored am I when I just take pics of the outdoors b/c it finally rained?? And you can't even see the rain falling in the pic??? UGH, I am having such a hard time making myself get to work this year!

At least in this pic you can see the rain on the ground.. REAL exciting, huh??? Actually it is great news that it rained b/cause we had been in a horrible drought for a while also like so many other places. Appreciate the Rain, Lord!!


  1. Oh the christmas mood idea sounds wonderful.We've been so HOT here most days we aren't even supposed to go outside.Hope you get lots of fall and wintry stuff done.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Glad you got some needed rain Carmen and OH your evening sounds so cozy with the fire lit and all, puts me in the holiday mood:D have fun sweetie! I too want to start on some Christmas crafts now...LOL!