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Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy Bee

Finally finished my first real projects since my surgery..LOL.. Took me long enough!! Oh My Stars.. I had this order hanging for ever and finally got them shipped out the other day. It had been so difficult to get back into working again, I had felt bad for soo long after that last surgery but thank God I feel so much better now and back on track.,. just need to stay motivated and I think a lot of that is the heat and AGE preventing me from working like I need to be, getting into my 50's has taken a toll for sure! Sandy and I are always trying to find legitimate excuses for why we aren't getting anything done but I think we have thought of everything and ran out of excuses now. But hey, it is hard to sit here thinking "Christmas" and make santa's with long wooly beards and heavy coats when it is 100 degrees outside! Soooo, just wanted to share these pics, these are both from my own pattern designs available on my website as finished items or pattern form. They are my Mammy Vaccum Cover and SunFlower Friends Bucket. I used an old rusty paint can I found from out in my shop to put the Sunflowers in. In the cupboard behind them you can see a darling Patriotic Bunny my dear friend Karen Betchan made and sent to me the other day. She does such beautiful work and makes the most adorable cards with all that scrap booking stuff, she is just awesome! I just loved the card as much as the bunny, I had to set it out for dispaly as well as the bunny rabbit! Have a Blessed Day everyone!

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  1. Those are awesome Carmen!!! I'm SO happy to see you back to creating, you have so much talent and I'm glad your feeling better from the surgery:) Love the patriotic bunny too, so cute! sending (((HUGS))) and prayers your way!!!