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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This and That

Been very busy and a little sick. Had to unexpectedlygo to an Oral Surgeon today so needless to say I am not feeling the greatest this evening but not too bad actually, got to go back early next week for more work to be done, they will put me under for that and will do more than they did today. Not especially looking forward to that visit, they said I will have to have some one drive me home. But actually it was a very much more pleasant visit today than what I got all worked up for. Went smooth and easy and the dentist was very kind. Sandy and I have been working together to lose weight, encouraging each other. We have both shed a bit of pounds I am happy to say. I have lost over 20 so far and I believe she has lost closer to 30. She is rather thin, never was that big anyway but we had that poochy stomach thing going on. My pants almost fell off me twice today while I was out feeding the chickens! But those were elastic waisted PJ pants I wear around the house a lot but still was so glad to see them getting that loose! Still trying to find homes for the remaining puppies. People call and say they want them and then you never hear back from them. It is a very hot and muggy evening here. Rumbling thunder in the far off but no rain yet. Hope we get some soon. Just Love stormy evenings at home, curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee or cocoa and a good magazine. I took Curly (my goat) for a walk this evening as it started to get dark. He listens to me extremely well and does what I ask so I don't need a leash on him anymore. He won't hardly go more than a few feet away from me and doesn't like for the dog or anything to come near me when he is with me. He is a GREAT watch dog, he tried to buck at my neighbor for walking toward me the other day so he is very protective!! LOL! Curly's hair is getting long again. I use his hair for my santa beards,he is a very long haired mountain goat so his hair grows long and curly. He is so beautiful. I have had him for a very long time and hope he will be around many more years to come. Well better go, got a few dolls to work on tonight. YES SANDY I AM WORKING!!!! She is always on me about that but it is a good thing. Blessings to all. Here is a pic of my beloved Curly! God Bless!


  1. Curly is such a handsome goat. I think it is so sweet that he goes on walks with you.

  2. Your Curly is a very loving, gentle soul Carmen and I love how he is protective of you:)Congrats to you and Sandy both on the weight loss, that is a HUGE amount to lose! You may have to shop for new PJ bottoms soon;)

  3. That picture on the bottom left..Of me mom you celena and harley.. can you send it to me on email? (: