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Thursday, July 15, 2010

House Sitting for Sandy

I drove down here this past Friday afternoon, July 9th, to Sandy's and they left early Saturday morning for their cruise, my daughter Celena Jem stayed behind to keep the animals at my house. I am still here in Starke, today is Sandy's b-day....she wanted me to stay and visit a few days after they returned from their cruise. Becky was supposed to house sit for Sandy but she ended up very ill and in the hospital about two nights b/f Sandy and Todd were to leave for the Bahama's. I felt terrible that Becky became ill and I had to pack and leave at a moments notice but I have enjoyed my stay here, has been very relaxing for me. I really needed the get away more than I realized! This has been an all expense paid vacation for me as well! It was nice having a lot of alone time, enjoyed he pool. Had a lot of relaxation in it during the days and a few times I went for a midnight swim, the sky was so beautiful and so peaceful so I really have enjoyed the blessing! I also brought along some patterns and fabric and have been working on a wholesale order as well. My daughter has nagged me for so long about getting my hair colored and cut again so yesterday I went and had that done while I was here. Sandy had left me the name of the girl who cuts her hair so I went to see her yesterday, it is a drastic change from what my hair was before. I think I like it but have to get used to this for sure! Sandy and Todd got back early this morning. She and I went to the Ark Thrift store this afternoon and guess we will go to Jo Ann fabrics in Jacksonville tomorrow and then I will drive home Saturday morning, weather permitting. I don't like to drive in the rain, especially on the interstate so I am praying for a break from all these rain storms we have been having lately. I have been gone for 8 days now and I need to get home I suppose. Thank God Becky is home from the hospital and doing well. I have the e-pattern version of the new prairie doll available. Hope all is well in your world! Thanks for stopping by! Blessings to all, Carmen

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  1. Glad you got some relaxing *down* time Carmen, you have to show us your new haircut girl;)