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Saturday, February 4, 2012

My visit with Kelly, Brianna and Dustin today!


Dustin and Brianna, Kelly in background too. Brianna is singing and in motion all the time, Dustin is as beautiful and precious as ever and Kelly looks great and is doing well. I had lunch with them and spent a few hours visiting today. Dustin will be spending the weekend with me next weeekend! I will pick him up Friday after school. Can't wait. I put video of Dustin skateboarding and more pics of our visit today on my FB. Dustin made me a beautiful Valentine card while I was there, made from construction paper and doillies, he wrote "I love You Grandma".. then he made me a heart out of pipe cleaners and twined them together. I will treasure them forever!!
My heart is still melted, I have missed him so much.

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  1. Now, you have something to really look forward to. Kelly looks good. glad you were able to get there and enjoy your visit.